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Social Center Adult Day Care

Social Center provides your parents or grandparents with a safe environment where they can socialize with other seniors, enjoy recreational activities and have full assistance.

Senior Day Care

Social Center Adult Day Care

Social Center Adult Day Care will allow you to enjoy a pleasant and different day, making the center a second family. Here you will be able to enjoy different activities such as:

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks for balanced nutrition.
  • Transportation.
  • Daily activities.
  • Clean facilities for your health care.
  • Complete assistance for their proper care.

    Veterans Care

    Veterans Care Social Center

    We also have a Veterans Care program that allows our nation’s veterans to receive special care just as they cared for us. So at Social Center you can count on the following:

    • Licensed employees capable of providing proper care to our heroes.
    • Daily activities for integration and fun.
    • Full assistance.
    • Daily meals for proper nutrition.
    • Transportation to mobilize our veterans to the Social Center Adult Day Care.

    Why You Should Trust Us


    We feel affection for each of our participants. By interacting with them, we create memories together and they become part of our family.


    We take special care and responsibility for each of our participants. We guarantee adequate attention and unparalleled care.


    Every day we help and care for others without expecting praise or rewards in return. We want to make a difference with kindness.


    In difficult situations, we give unconditional support to our participants to guarantee their physical and emotional integrity.

    Social Center Handles Everything

    Transportation cartoon Social Center ADC


    Social Center provide free transportation services for veterans to and from our center. 
    daily activities in the elderly care Social Center

    Daily Activities

    At the Social Center our participants can expect daily activities like General Recreation, TV, Variety Music, Live Entertainment Presentations and much more.

    physical exercises for the elderly in the Social Center

    Physical Exercises

    Social Center provide activities that improve mental and physical health like Zumba and therapeutic exercises for the elderly.


    Who is eligible?

    • Strokes
    • Seniors
    • Alzheimer’s
    • Complex medical problems
    • Disabled
    • Dementia
    • Special needs
    • Extreme physical confinements
    • Parkinson’s
    • Needing therapy
    • Wheelchair-bound
    • Psychological issues
    • Needs help with daily activities

    Who pays?

    There’s two ways to pay for our amazing adult day care services.


    Participants 18+ with a personal care need and Doctor’s orders to attend a Day Care Facility will qualify for Long Term Care coverage. Must have a gold card.


    Don’t have health coverage? We offer Self Pay so that you’re able to cover for your loved one.


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