Hours: M – F 8 am – 4 pm | 3106 W 76 ST, Hialeah, Florida, 33018 | (786) 730-6630

About Us

We provide care and companionship for seniors who need assistance or supervision during the day.

The program offers relief to family members or caregivers.

About Social Center Adult Day Care

About Our Story

It all started with my grandmother, she was bipolar and had multiple disorders and with that we could not get an Adult Day Center for her special care. 
So, in that process of searching and listening to the stories of the seniors we encountered, it originated and inspired us to want to help them and change their lives, both for them and their families. 
We started building in 2014, opened in 2015 and have had many joys year after year making our Adult Day Center, their home. 
We are the most prestigious Adult Day Center in Hialeah. Approved by the Mayor, we have helped many families with love, care and multiple activities.

Our Core Values


We give and receive love from our participants. They are part of our family, of our Social Center.


We have licensed and certified personnel that allow the correct attention of our participants. Guaranteeing their emotional and physical safety.


We are able to put ourselves in the place of our participants and their families. We feel what they feel and help them move forward.


All our participants (after the first day) want to come back to us thanks to the trust they have placed in us.

Social Center Handles Everything and

Our Mission

Our mission throughout these years is to continue growing and serving our seniors, our heroes.

To continue the family tradition of Social Center. To grow as a family.

Expanding to continue helping new families and the most honorable community that exists, the elderly.

Changing their way of life with love and care.

About Social Center ADC
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